Copenhagen in 48 hours

Copenhagen in 48 hours

Yes, Copenhagen is as impressively beautiful as they tell you. Taken – almost – directly from a story (then I explain the irony of this statement), the capital of Denmark is as charming as you

Yes, Copenhagen is as impressively beautiful as they tell you.

Taken – almost – directly from a story (then I explain the irony of this statement), the capital of Denmark is as charming as you can imagine. Its streets full of history are perfectly maintained, its canals and homes remind of a cleaner and less chaotic Amsterdam, and its friendly locals will walk with a smile on their face practically at all hours of the day. No matter how long it takes. Not surprisingly, the Danes are supposed to be the happiest in the world. Or so say the studies done about it.

Copenhagen is not very big. If you have some time I recommend you walk it, it is how you best discover a destination. You will see several contrasts from one neighborhood to another, of course they surprised me! However, if you have a tighter timing I recommend you buy the Copenhagen Card , which includes the entrance to various attractions of the city (several I will mention in this post) as well as all journeys by public transport by metro, bus and even boat .

Find one of the circuits in Denmark and get a complete experience and an unforgettable memory from which you will probably remember the most beautiful European country you have ever set foot in.

The Tivoli

Next to the Central Train Station (main direct entry point from the airport about 15 minutes from each other) is the Tivoli , an urban amusement park.

Yes, Copenhagen has among its streets a leisure area full of attractions, roller coaster and shuttle included! In addition, it is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and one of the favorite spaces of all Danes. Look to what extent this is true that the day I went to visit it rained heavily and was full to the brim, including attractions that did not stop working at any time, and I already tell you that those who were riding in them were not foreign.

Copenhagen in 48 hours

It opens only seven months a year (from April to September and from October 13 to November 5 for the time of Halloween) which is when it works completely. Halloween sets are spectacular, the entire park is filled with pumpkins and sinister motifs characteristic of such a holiday. Personally I was very impressed with the detail and care with how everything was presented.

If your trip does not coincide during these months, do not worry, you can also enter, you will find an open shop and also the restaurant. Likewise, in the Christmas season, markets are usually placed inside, so you can visit it perfectly if you block it. And, another advantage is that it is located almost in the heart of the city, so you will not have to take special transport apart.

Town Hall Square

The Town Hall Square, or also known as Rådhuspladsen (literal translation from Danish), is located just behind the Tivoli a few minutes walk.

Inside the square we can find several sculptures, such as the Dragon Fountain ; the “weather girl” – now in disuse – but that once marked the weather she was going to do in the city, if it was a sunny day a golden doll mounted on a bicycle came out, instead, if it rained, she would go out with an umbrella, today both figures can be seen at the same time at the top of the building; two musicians playing the laur at the top of a column; the figure of Hans Christian Andersen ; and a museum dedicated to his life where, in addition, all the children’s stories he has written with animated representations that have nothing to do with the ” light ” versions are exposed”That Disney did years later.

As a curiosity, the current City Hall is the fourth of the city . Room! In Denmark they have a problem with fire, and that is that the first two burned completely, the third was built to be City Hall and Court, finally the current one was inaugurated in 1905 and serves only as City Hall, while the one that was the third City Hall It remained only as the seat of the Court.

On the other hand, the City Council houses the popular astronomical clock of Jens Olsen where you can see the calendar of the next 500,000 years. Yes, you read it right. 500,000 Years. Weddings are also held and art galleries are exhibited, among other social activities.

In this square begins the Copenhagen shopping street par excellence: Strøget , which extends to our next stop.

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