Save on business trips

Save on business trips

Buying a flight with five stopovers for a business trip may not be the best way to save money, your executive or sales representative could get so tired to the meeting that the deal could

Buying a flight with five stopovers for a business trip may not be the best way to save money, your executive or sales representative could get so tired to the meeting that the deal could simply “fall.”

“Economizing in business trips does not always mean that you can find“ bargain ”prices sometimes also has to do with the aggregate values that you can get,” explains Gerardo Tejado, general director of the American Express Global Business Travel program for America Latin and the Caribbean.

In 2019 the cost of business trips will increase 8% according to the calculations of the card issuer, this breakdown indicates that air fares will rise between 3 and 5% for trips in Mexico, the United States and Canada and between 7 and 9% for long trips abroad, this only in tourist class, as the executive class will have an increase of between 4 and 10% depending on the destination.

When to travel

Following the international crisis, one of the expenses that companies cut the most was that of the travel budget, this had a direct impact on the results of the companies, because according to the study “Business Travel Trends Forecasts Global 2019 ′, trips to close deals and meet customers contribute to 37% of the annual sales of companies that have businesses outside their hometown.

Mexico exports almost US $ 2 billion a day in merchandise, and 33,000 small and medium-sized companies make annual sales abroad for less than US $ 10 million each, contributing only 5% of total sales, the consultancy IQOM said. So business trips for small businesses must have strategic planning.

Save on business trips

How can I determine if it is worth traveling?

IQOM will launch a special tool for SMEs this week, in it you will be able to know the details of the companies that import merchandise in 45 countries, this can give an idea of what the companies need and the prices that are handled, in this way it will be avoided Make a commercial “expedition” that could unbalance your company’s finances.

For now, the tool is part of a special program that will be launched only for 150 exporting SMEs, however there are other options such as approaching Proméxico to receive advice on the advantages and destinations to start commercial operations abroad.

How do I save?

SMEs are becoming travelers, customers of the Accent application of American Express grew by more than 10% during 2018. Accent is a platform where small businesses can find preferential rates for airfare, lodging and ground transportation.

Saving does not always mean that you are looking for the cheapest, but finding the services that provide added value so that the business trip is productive.

For example: if you planned to spend US $ 77.62 on accommodation and you have two hotel options: one that costs US $ 54.3 and only includes the room; and another that costs US $ 77.62 but includes Internet and breakfast service that may be the best option because these two concepts of added value could make choosing the US $ 54.3 hotel a more expensive decision since of all Modes should cover food and web connection.

Before planning your next business trip, pay attention to the following expert recommendations.

1) Buy your tickets in advance: Buying a plane ticket that includes the right to move schedules may be cheaper than looking for a last minute ticket.

2) Leave the rules clear: When sending to an executive or a sales representative, make clear the maximum amounts to be spent on concepts such as: land transport (taxis or car rental), lodging and food.

3) Look for agreements: If you make constant trips to the same destination and always stay in the same hotel, consider the option of raising a preferential rate or granting benefits such as Internet, breakfast or parking for the regular rate.

4) Evaluate: On the return of the trips make an evaluation of the cost-benefit of the departure, if it does not represent a clear advantage for your company to make the trip consider suspending the operation at the destination in question to explore other markets.

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