Single and eager to travel

Single and eager to travel? These are the destinations chosen by other people like you

More and more people who, due to different circumstances, have no one to go on a trip with but are not willing to let them enjoy their passion: travel. It is worth it, when you

More and more people who, due to different circumstances, have no one to go on a trip with but are not willing to let them enjoy their passion: travel.

It is worth it, when you go out in the photos, you will have to pull selfies or ask someone to take them – you run the risk of running with your camera or mobile phone, but instead you gain opportunities to meet interesting people -. It is worth it that sitting in a restaurant alone may seem odd, especially at the beginning – look at it on the positive side, the problem of not agreeing on which dessert to order to share or that someone else wants to try from your plate is eliminated -. And it is worth perhaps having a little more care because you can not leave anyone your things while, for example, you go to the bathroom. But he also has his good things:

  • You don’t have to agree with anyone about what time to get up, what monuments to visit or where to eat or dine.
  • Nor will you depend on other people to match dates for your trip. By the way, the preferred time to travel in single plan is in autumn, when prices are cheaper and there is not so much massification.
  • You will not have excuses to launch yourself to speak in another language, because you will not be able to “pass the brown” to another person.
  • You’ll have more time for yourself and you can get to know yourself better.
  • You can meet interesting people, not only from the place you visit, but from anywhere in the world. And you know that friends … even in hell!

Within our country, the destinations most frequented by the singles are Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Seville on the peninsula – cities all of them with indisputable cultural, culinary and nightlife attractions -; and Mallorca, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote in our archipelagos – with the main claim of its good climate and beaches -. Without forgetting, of course, the Camino de Santiago, without a doubt one of the trips in which it is easier to find other people who travel alone, and that combines the cultural, spiritual, natural and sports side at the same time.

Take advantage of the singles day or single day offers and travel!

Single and eager to travel


New York, The other CITY – although for me it is more impersonal -, the “city of skyscrapers”, the “city that never sleeps”, the “Big Apple”, constantly reinvents itself so as not to disappoint its many repetitive visitors, among The ones with many singles. Its skyline, so frequent in series and movies, has some of the most famous sites on the planet:

The Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Broadway , the One World Trade Center – which replaces the missing Twin Towers -, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building , the Chrysler Building , Central Park , Wall Street , the Rockefeller Center , the Madison Square Garden , High Line , the Metropolitan Museum, MoMA , the Museum Guggenheim , the Village , Harlem , the Upper East Side, … All this in the Manhattan Quarter, but the other four boroughs – the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island – also have a lot to offer.


Would you like to live the experience of traveling alone? If you are one of the people who prefer single trips, you cannot miss this trip to Lapland.

You will stay in a modern luxury cabin, which is surrounded by nature in an ideal and exclusive place perfect to see the northern lights. It is the ideal place to have your own privacy but to be able to share moments in the common areas with the rest of the group members.

You will live the experience of visiting a husky farm and take an intense sleigh ride pulled by these dear friends. The visit to the reindeer farm will give us the opportunity to take a sleigh ride. This walk is ideal to enjoy the snowy landscape, take pictures and record video.

You will enjoy a totally new experience; drive special karts to move on snow or ice. You also have the opportunity to see one of the most wonderful phenomena in the world, the Northern Lights, on this trip you will have the opportunity to see them while taking a trip through the Lappish forests on snowmobiles.

This trip gives you the possibility of an experience you will never forget … floating on the river, it is an optional excursion where you will have the opportunity to float on the water and descend where the current of a river begins with a special suit. You will also have free time to relax in the sauna that the cabin has.


Discover Japan , country of the rising sun. Enjoy its extensive transport network to get to know its big cities like  Osaka, Kyoto or Tokyo.

Visit the wonderful Osaka Castle, visit the Todai-ji Temple with its Buddha statue and Nara Park, the traditional Gion District, Hiroshima Memorial Park, Atomic Bomb Dome and Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island, the former hostel of the Samurai “Wadi Honjin”, the Hakone National Park and Mount Fuji, the Shinto shrine of Meji, the Imperial Palace Square or the Senso-Ji Temple and the Nakamise shopping street.

A true journey through the most feudal, traditional and modern Japan in a circuit that you will never forget.


Italy , a monumental country that houses years and years of history that are reflected in its great cities.

Discover the historic city of Rome , with more than 3,000 years of art, architecture and culture of world influence. The Colosseum symbol of Eternal Rome, where you will feel small before the immensity of the Roman Empire. 2000 years after its construction continues to amaze tourists and residents. Visit the Vatican, the smallest country in Europe and the heart of the Catholic Church in the world, know the Roman Forum, the nerve center of ancient Rome, and is made up of temples, arches, basilicas and columns that make this place a point Of guaranteed interest, stroll through the Plaza De España, surrounded by shops, restaurants and hotels, where its fountain and staircase, is undoubtedly one of the symbols of Rome.

The impressive Florence , where you can admire the Ponte Vecchio, the Piazza del Duomo, the Signoria, the Florence Cathedral, better known as Duomo, where you can climb the dome to admire Brunelleschi’s beautiful paintings, admire the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most important art galleries in the world with works by geniuses such as Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rafael or Titian.

Let yourself be surprised by Venice , stroll through Rialto Bridge, the oldest of all the bridges that cross the Grand Canal, visit the Rialto Market from where you can reach San Marcos Square, where you will find the Basilica of San Marcos, the Campanile and the Ducal Palace or take a vaporetto ride on the Grand Canal and discover the infinity of palaces and beautiful houses.

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