Tips from business travel experts

Tips from business travel experts

Handbag or large suitcase? Address first or last? What about or missing things? Most of the people who travel frequently for work have definitions regarding items that for the rest of the passengers might seem

Handbag or large suitcase? Address first or last? What about or missing things? Most of the people who travel frequently for work have definitions regarding items that for the rest of the passengers might seem almost random but that can be key in terms of efficiency and comfort.

Traveling constantly can be exhausting, not only because of the issue of schedules, but also – almost especially – because of the series of procedures that must be done from leaving until you return to the house or office.

It is not surprising that people who spend a lot of time flying have a kind of routine and some tricks to make the trip more enjoyable. Four frequent travelers told us their definitions regarding certain issues and delivered their recommendations for those traveling for work.


The six things that stress the most when you travel for business

Traveling only with a carry-on bag means traveling with fewer things and that there are certain items that you cannot carry because they are prohibited on the plane, such as perfumes, contact lens liquid or sharp things like a needle. However, traveling only with hand luggage gives the passenger more freedom and makes the passage through the airports more expedited since you do not have to wait for the luggage to come down. In addition, when carrying the suitcase up there are no risks that your luggage will be lost or not arrive.

Tips from business travel experts

Among the carry-on or large suitcase to carry down, the general manager of Quiñenco, Francisco Pérez Mackenna, chooses the hand-held one and comments that it cannot be missing “clothes for a day”. “For business trips I recommend carrying a suitcase and thus avoid airport delays and risk of losing luggage,” says businessman Jorge Errázuriz.

Juan Yarur, founder of Fundación AMA, and Alejandra Mustakis, president of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Chile (Asech), are not so blunt. “It all depends on how long the trip is, ideally on what is simpler. This only results when it is a meeting with museums or very specific things of art, when it is more than a week, with many events, the big suitcase, always thinking of carrying as little as possible, ”explains Yarur.

The response of the president of Asech goes in the same line: “If it is a trip near business, small suitcase that allows me to travel light and very practical, only with the essentials. But if the trip is long, I like big bags, because I love having space to bring memories for the people I love. ”

Hearing aids, books and slippers for the flight

Alejandra Mustakis and Jorge Errázuriz always wear hearing aid flights, the businessman also has a neck cushion and good reading. The general manager of Quiñenco also travels with a book, without fail. For his part, Juan Yarur says that he always wears a pair of slippers “so as not to have to put my shoes on the plane.”

Yarur, who has just arrived in Miami from New York, after having been in Munich – where he received the Montblanc Prize of the Culture Arts Patronage – reveals that on his travels, regardless of the destination, he always wears a sleep mask. “You never know what the curtains of places are like,” he reveals.

Adapters and remedies, always at hand

Francisco Pérez Mackenna replies that he learned to always have remedies at hand, Juan Yarur is more specific and states that Engystol is always within reach “to avoid colds” and an international adapter with USB included. Errázuriz also travels always with an international plug “and with a shoe with extension.” Set first and sleep during the flight.

It is difficult to choose whether to get on the plane first or last, face the queue or wait for a seat to end. Francisco Pérez Mackenna, Juan Yarur, Alejandra Mustakis and Jorge Errázuriz agree to approach first. Of course, the latter makes a distinction: “If I travel in business or first, board last.”

The four frequent travelers choose to sleep during the flight, although Errázuriz says that he doesn’t sleep more than 4 or 5 hours and that he reads a lot.

Less is more?

A question that divides travelers is whether it is better to carry more things than necessary or less. That is to say, that things are missing or that we lack. Perez Mackenna prefers missing and Alejandra Mustakis comments that if the trip is short he prefers to “travel light.”

“But if it is a longer trip, I don’t like to improvise and sometimes I prefer to take extra things, in order to have the tools I need,” says the president of Asech. Jorge Errázuriz and Juan Yarur are also located on that path, who warns: “Missing can be complex.”

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